Medical Need


Trauma is the leading cause of death (in the US) among young (ages 1-44y).

Thoracic injury accounts for 25% of all trauma deaths.

Pneumothorax is the 2nd most common sign of chest trauma (in up to 50% of victims).

Pneumothorax is one of the leading three causes of "preventable deaths" in the battlefield.

Pneumothorax & Hemothorax

Pneumothorax (or hemothorax) is an abnormal collection of air (or blood) within the pleural space, between the lungs and the chest wall. 

A variety of different medical conditions can cause pneumothorax and hemothorax, but it is usually caused by trauma, blunt or penetrating.

Current treament

The first step is a rapid (but temporary) decompression of the pleural space by needle thoracostomy.

The second step is a definitive decompression of the pleural space by tube thoracostomy (chest tube/drain).

The Medical Problem

Tube thoracostomy, in un-skilled hands and in sub-optimal conditions (such as pre-hospital scenario), may take as long as 10 minutes.

In many cases, caregivers will provide only a partial-treatment and evacuate the patient to a medical facility without properly draining the pleural cavity (i.e., only by needle, not by tube) .

In addition, tube thoracostomy performed by non-thoracic surgeons has a high failure-rate (up to 30%) and complications (mis-positioning, dislodgement, lung laceration etc.).

The Need

A rapid, Easy-to-use, simple, safe and effective device that enables caregivers to properly perform tube thoracostomy.